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2017 Comedy on NetFlix: My Top 5

NetFlix has become one of the top sources for stand-up comedy viewing so I took the time to watch as much of it as possible and see what is worth watching.

Here are my top five “must-watch” picks for NetFlix comedy in 2017!

1. The Standups

The Standups is a series of thirty minute specials similar to Comedy Central’s The Half Hour, but without the annoying commercials. Season 1 features Deon Cole, Nikki Glaser, Fortune Feimster, Beth Stelling, Nate Bargatze, and Dan Soder.

Some say variety is the spice of life and this is what I found to be the most endearing quality about The Standups. We get six different specials which means six differing styles of comedy. My personal favorite episode of the series of Nikki Glaser who taught a gay man (me) how to properly finger a woman if necessary with the “I Know What you Did Last Summer” method.

Overall, as a comic I appreciate the variety the Standups has to offer and it has something for everyone.

2. The Age of Spin: Dave Chappelle Live at the Hollywood Palladium

In The Age of Spin, Dave Chapelle performs to a sold out crowd at the Hollywood Palladium. This special reminds us why Chapelle’s brand of comedy will always be relevant in the industry. Chapelle gives the audience a realistic approach to topics such as race and politics with dry and witty anecdotes.

His disdain for today’s generation is what really makes this special hilarious because he points out the ridiculous expectations many have today as opposed to his generation just wanting “to be like the Care Bears,” but life would teach you it wasn’t that easy.

It’s an intellectual display of comedy with nods to history and current events that show the viewer some real perspective.

3. Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust

After watching A Speck of Dust, I felt like I had watched a whole different type of comedian. This one is interesting because Sarah Silverman in a sense abandons here well-known brand of shock comedy for a more toned down approach to stand-up comedy.

Silverman offers a special that is far more conversational and relaxed as opposed to her previous stand-up. It also feels more personal which I found to make her more likeable.

She is still graphic and outlandish with her jokes, but audiences will find it to be a breath of fresh air for Silverman’s comedy brand.

4. Neal Brennan: 3 Mics

Neal Brennan takes comedy to a different level in 3 Mics, where he literally uses three mics strategically placed on stage. At each mic, he takes us different places with a different theme and mood. Sometimes he gives us witty one-liners, other times it’s really polished stand-up, and it also goes to really deep confessions.

Brennan goes as deep as talking about depression on a personal level. One moment stuck out to me where he spoke truthfully about depression, but was able to bring it right back to funny. I have never seen that done before and it made me like him even more by the end of his set. This special is both and risky, but those risks pay off for Brennan.

5. Def Comedy Jam 25

Def Comedy Jam 25 is a gem that gives a nod to urban comedy and its New York City roots; it’s a stern reminder that urban comedy will always be relevant to the comedy community and paved the way for being ahead of its time.

The show itself is formatted as somewhat of a comedy concert/commemorative show with historical references and nods to Def Jam veterans like Martin Lawrence, Dave Chapelle, Bill Bellamy, and Adele Givens while showcasing interviews from various comics on how Def Jam really helped to launch and shape their careers. We even see appearances from Steve Harvey, Tiffany Haddish, Eddie Griffin, and many more.

Especially for comics, this one is a great one to watch because of its history of comedy and how understanding urban comedy can help a comic become more relevant in their potential careers.

Got questions or your own picks for NetFlix comedy? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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