After a year of anticipation and concerns surrounding COVID-19, I am happy to announce that we are resuming Comedians on the loose open mic this April at Black Cat LES. Falling into the indoor dining category Black Cat LES is eligible for 50% occupancy which allows us to run open mics at a significant level and within safety guidelines.  



  1. We are starting with only 2 mics per week (instead of our regular 4). The days are the same as pre-pandemic, Thursdays and Saturdays, one on each day, with the first open mic being on Saturday, April 3rd at 6 PM. Thursday mics will start at 7 PM. After we test the waters we will go back to our 4 open mics per week schedule. Each comic will receive between 5 - 7 minutes of stage time, depending on the number of comics registered for the mic. Check-in for each mic starts 30 minutes before the open mic begins. 

  2. There will only be 15 comedians performing per mic. The online reservation is the best way to secure your spot. Use the form below to reserve your spot. Walk-ins will be allowed although I can’t be as flexible as pre-pandemic due to the number of people allowed to be present in the room. To be considered for walk-in spot you have to be at the venue at least 10 minutes before the mic starts. 

  3. During the whole month of April, all Comedians on the loose open mics will be FREE OF CHARGE. However, in order to help the venue we kindly ask you to support the cafe and purchase an item from the bar. It has been a really hard year for everyone, and especially for venues who rely on indoor dining and we wanna help Black Cat LES recover as much as they can cause without venues like this and their amazing owners (shout out to Justin Lau of Black Cat LES) us performers will not have a stage to perform on or an audience to entertain.

  4. SAFETY PROTOCOL: During check-ins each comedian will receive a performance kit (a small pouch containing one microphone cover and one glove). Using the microphone cover and the glove will be mandatory during the comic's set. This is to minimize any germs to the microphone and the microphone stand so please don’t give us a hard time. Antibacterial wipes and sanitizers will be used as well. We are aware that all looks weird and maybe silly but, considering how many comedians got COVID-19, some even died, I really want to emphasize the safety so please be cool about it. When not performing, masks need to be worn due to the fact that it’s impossible to keep 6’ apart in such a small space, so mask is your friend. Please keep in mind that at any point during the open mic you might be asked to wait outside of the venue. This is due to the fact that it’s an open mic open to the public and we will constantly monitor the amount of people in the cafe and do crowd control accordingly. Lastly, if you had COVID-19 in the past 2 months we urge you to not attend the open mic for at least the month of April. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or you are not sure you completely recovered please be courtasoues and avoid coming to the mic. I would rather you stay away for a few months, get healthy and then come back than catching you lying to us and making other comics sick. If this happens you will immediately be banned from attending any Comedians on the loose events in the future. If you know anything about the New York comedy scene is that bad news travels super fast and suddenly less and less producers and bookers will wanna book you, so please don’t do anything that can jeopardize other people’s health and your future in this business.  


That’s all for now. Visit this page for any future updates and welcome back! I’m excited to see you and laugh with you all over again. Now grab that spot by submitting your reservation in the form below.