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  1. SCHEDULE: 7 open mics per week at Black Cat LES. Mondays at 7 pm, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 7pm and 9 pm. Please be on time as I like to start the mic without delays. Check-in for each mic starts 15 before the open mic begins. Black Cat LES is located at 172 Rivington Street, New York.

  2. RESERVATIONS: Use the form below to reserve your spot. Please only sign up for open mics you know for sure you can attend. To be considered for walk-in spot you have to be at the venue at least 20 minutes before the mic starts. I start calling walk-in usually 10 minutes before the mic starts. Please don't email us or DMs about the walk-in spots. You have to be at the venue to get on the walk-in list. This is a paid open mic. Each comic will be required to pay $5 (cash) for 5-7 minutes of stage time. The payment will be accepted at the check in. Stage time is determined based on the number of comics scheduled to perform. The COTL reward card is still valid. Use it to get every 10th mic free. Don't have one? Ask for yours at the next COTL open mic.

  3. CANCELLATIONS: In case you need to cancel your booked spot, check your reservation email. The CANCEL button will be at the bottom of that email. Canceling your spot should be done at least 90 MINUTES before the open mic starts in order to give other comics an opportunity to book their spot and get to the venue on time. Comics who have a habit of signing up for open mics, not canceling them properly, and not showing up to booked mics will no longer be allowed to make online reservations. All outstanding bookings will automatically be canceled. Instead they will have to try their luck as a walk-in. 

  4. SAFETY PROTOCOL: The equipment will be sanitized at each mic and hand sanitizers will be available to comics and patrons of Black Cat LES.

  5. DON'T SEE THE OPEN MIC FOR A CERTAIN DATE? There's a reason for it. Most likely the open mic on that day is canceled. I make an effort to update this page regularly and inform comics and audience in such situations. This happens rarely. Most of the time open mics are happening every week at the same time. 


List of available open mics will be released EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT for next week's schedule in order to avoid premature reservations.

Please follow us on Instagram @cotlcomedy as the notice will be in our story. 

Please be at the venue at least 15 minutes before the mic starts in order to keep your reserved spot.

If you are not there on time I reserve the right to give your spot to a walk-in comic. 

UPDATE 9/3/2023


We are resuming with are regular schedule on Tuesday 9/5/2023. 

That's all for now. Please visit this page and/or our social media @cotlcomedy  to get any information related to the COTL open mic. 

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you soon. 


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