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Introducing COTL Featurama

In a time of uncertainty, one thing is certain: so many in our comedy community have skills that are available for use. This is a great time to prepare for the competition sure to come after we're allowed back on stage or in front of the camera.

Freelance workers are an integral part of our economy; there’s no doubt about that and it is important to shine a light on names in the community that offer skills and services that may be of use to you now or in the future.

Here are our picks.

Polina Sapershteyn - Video and photo editing

Polina Sapershteyn is a video and photo editor that specializes in theatre arts and has the insight to what casting and clients are looking for.

Some of her clients include brands (Budweiser, Clean & Clear, Spotify), productions (Hamilton, Freestyle Love Supreme, Hadestown), influencers (GaryVee, Marie Forleo, John Fogerty), and institutions (Jujamcyn theaters, La Jolla Playhouse, Drama Bookshop).

She is currently reducing her fees and is skilled and able to help you with demo reels, content for IG and Tik Tok and photo retouching to create a killer press kit or online presence.

Direct Contact:

Sarah Harvard - Biography and Script Writing, Graphic and Web Design

Sarah Harvard is a journalist and fellow comic that has a clear understanding of the comedy industry and the importance of strong media and online presence.

If you need someone to help you write your biography or a script, design show flyers, or work on simple edits for sketches and stand-up comedy clips, Sarah is your girl.

Direct Contact:

Jamie Jeppe Benson - Social Media, Digital Marketing Consulting

Jamie Jeppe Benson is a recovering fine artist turned comedian who makes a living as a marketing consultant. He’s a bonafide marketing nerd with savvy technical skills to concoct daring promotional strategies for culture-making companies.

Jamie can help you with digital and email marketing, social media marketing, public relations, audience engagement, content strategies, and search engine optimization.

As a marketing director, consultant, and trainer, he worked for Houston Symphony, Paul Taylor Dance Company, CUNY Dance Initiative, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, The Joyce Theater, Noel Pointer Foundation, Celebrate Mexico Now Festival, Trent and Company Public Relations, Gallim Dance, Pilobolus Dance, Conductor Ming Luke, Sony Pictures, and famed film composer David Newman.

Direct Contact:

Adam P. Murphy ("Industry Eye") - Acting and Voice-Over Coaching

Adam P. Murphy is a fellow comic and seasoned actor and voice-over artist. He is passionate about teaching and inspiring others to constantly improve their skill set as artists and actors.

Adam is a go-to person to help you with selecting and perfecting monologues, cold reading, auditioning on camera, self-taping for film, TV, theater, commercials, and industrials, mastering all areas of voice-over, slating, nailing the "elevator pitch", industry submissions and meetings, knowing your type/branding, staying current with trends and understanding the difference in tone from one show, movie or commercial to another.

Direct Contact:

Ben Rosenfeld - Videography, Comedy Coaching

Ben Rosenfeld is a New York comedian with great skills in videography and video editing. As someone who’s been part of the comedy community for many years, Ben is a great source for anyone who needs help punching up a set, from beginner level to working professionals.

If you feel like you are struggling with a writer’s block and wrapping up a stand-up comedy set Ben might be just the right person for you.

Website/Portfolio: Videographer + editing sample 1(; Videographer + editing sample 2 (; Videographer + editing sample 3 (

Direct Contact:

Sonja Savanovic - Graphic Design, Photography

Sonja Savanovic is a New York-based graphic designer, comedian, comedy producer, and emcee. She is offering creative solutions in design, writing, event production, and photography. If you are a comedian living in New York this is a perfect opportunity to get some fresh headshots and Sonja is offering a great deal for her fellow artists and comedians ($100 for at least 5 retouched photos!!!).


Direct Contact:

Make sure to check out each of our picks for the April edition of COTL Featurama. Quarantine doesn’t have to be boring and unproductive. You can use this time to level up and form great relationships with other creative professionals and create wonderful projects.

If you have non-comedy skills our comedy community can benefit from and you are interested in having them featured for potential work apply to our Featurama page today!


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