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Comedy Resources You Should Be Utilizing In 2020

I wrote a blog earlier this year regarding the best resources for stand-up comedians.

This list proved useful for many, but as 2019 has flown by and more experiences have been had, it’s apparent this list needs a generous update.

Here are some past and new resources that’ll help you in your comedy endeavors in 2020!

Step by Step to Stand-up Comedy by Greg Dean

Looking to break into stand-up or enhance your own material? Greg Dean breaks it down for us in this comprehensive step-by-step manual with the “Three Mechanisms of Laughter” that explains joke writing in a simple format that is both insightful and easy to understand.

Along with other tips, you’ll learn how to create your first joke or improve what you already have, handle hecklers, and improve your overall performance to ensure you turn your natural humor into a covetable skill.

Hot Breath! Podcast with Joel Byars

Based out of the ATL, Joel Byars brings us a podcast that is extensive, to say the least.

Hot Breath! really is one of the resources I WISH I had when I started stand-up comedy because it covers everything possible (writing, winning over a crowd, booking your own tour, etc.). You gain insight not only from Joel but a plethora of pro comedians with thoughts that NEED to be heard if you are planning to get anywhere in comedy.

Additionally, Joel makes the conversation fun, which is a refreshing change to similar podcasts that may or may not make a fun conversation a priority for the podcast.

The Serious Guide To Joke Writing By Sally Holloway

Both experienced and novice joke tellers alike will appreciate this insightful guide that uses very straightforward techniques to allow you to take a structured approach to your comedy writing. Not only will it inspire you, but it will also help you develop a style that is effective on the stage and true to you as a comedian.

Let’s Talk About Sets

We always love finding resources from comics learning as they go and Let’s Talk About Sets features Jeff McBride and Harrison Tweed discussing “the science of stand-up comedy” in a playful and fun format.

Such guests include Harrison Greenbaum, Usama Siddiquee, and Myq Kaplan giving their takes on joke writing, performance, and much more. Definitely worth checking out.

Relatively Sane w/ Jessica Kirson

Powerhouse comedian, Jessica Kirson, gives us a podcast that gives a detailed insight into the comedy industry. That is what really attracted me to this podcast is that there is a heavy hand on discussing comedy with the business angle even with the “relatively sane” theme.

Kirson features heavy hitters in today’s scene such as Sam Morril, Yamaneika Saunders, and Chris Distefano. She also features comedy legends like Judy Gold and Gary Gulman.

Definitely worth the listen!

Badslava AND

For new and veteran comics, Badslava and are resources that’ll make things A LOT easier for you when it comes to finding stage time and honing your craft. No matter what level, open mics are a resource you just cannot deny. I grouped both of these websites together because they both have the same purpose of locating stage time whether you are in Los Angeles, New York City, or some small town in the Midwest. I do think Badslava is a bit more extensive to find those extra opportunities like festivals and local comedy websites, but both can be used to fill in what the other cannot.

There you have it, the best resources for 2020 in stand-up comedy that’ll help you navigate with the right mindset.

Got questions or something to add? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!


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