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Black Lives Matter: Charitable Donations List

We are currently in one of the most trying times for our nation.

We’ve had the announcement of a global pandemic, unprecedented unemployment rates, and worldwide protests for change; 2020 is shaping up to be a year that changes us all. I am not typically one to get political, however, what is going on right now with racial injustice, loss of rights, etc. is something that SHOULD bother you; even if you think it doesn’t affect you, it does. Saying this isn’t your problem only sets you up for future problems.

As protests go on, many have reservations about going to rallies because there are numerous threats for physical safety and your overall health. If you decide not to protest you can still help!

We’ve provided a list of organizations that need financial support to continue making a real impact.Here are our picks.

  1. Black Lives Matter - Website:

  2. American Civil Liberties Union - Website:

  3. Campaign Zero - Website:

  4. The Bail Project - Website:

  5. National Bail Fund Network - Website:

  6. Legal Defense & Education Fund - Website:

  7. The Equal Justice Initiative - Website:

  8. Black Visions Collective - Website:

Even if you’re only able to give a small amount, every little bit helps.

Please stay safe out there and just know this moment will pass. It’s the difficult times that influence real change across the board.


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