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You Won’t Get Anywhere Without Commitment

I see a lot of comics on the scene whether it’s an open mic, backroom bar show, or on a legitimate club stage. Hell, I even see comics in passing on the subway or in the streets of New York City. I love those random run-ins; once we’ve seen each other once, we kind of cannot get away from each other.

It’s a great thing to be so closely knit on the scene because it allows you to learn about the comics around you. It really has been a great year for comedy, even with comedians I see regularly. Some are getting late night spots, getting passed at major clubs, etc. It’s a great thing to witness and really is a motivator for staying in the game.

One of the clear indicators for why these comics have really risen above the fray is commitment. Plain and simple. You either commit or you don’t.

Commitment plays a role in EVERYTHING.

Commitment is one of those things that really makes the difference. It influences how well we perform to eventually reach our goals.

The comic who commits to their craft and really pounds the pavement for what they want to achieve is the one who will go places. Even with something as mundane as networking, the comic who commits to making themselves be seen is the one who will get more gigs and have the edge over a comic who only puts the effort in to be seen periodically. That comic doesn’t even have to be a great comic initially, but being seen can allow others to take notice and look at other things like dowry and development.

Your commitment also decides what path you take in comedy. Maybe you want to be the edgy comic? Or perhaps you are the clean comic? Whatever you decide you want to be then committed to that and your path will be carved out whether it’s playing clubs around the country, festivals, colleges, corporate gigs, etc.

Without commitment, your comedy aspirations will wither away.

While seeing a lot of comics regularly allows me to see the positivity in commitment, I also get to see the other extreme: lacking commitment.

As a performer, there is no question that you have to commit. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time in this business.

I cringe when I see a comic half-assing it in their performance, writing, networking, etc., yet they still wonder why they aren’t further along. This lack of self-awareness is such a hindrance. I have even seen comics (a few I know) complain that they used to be on such a trajectory with comedy years ago, but things died down. Although I don’t outright say it, a lot of it is a clear lack of commitment and seriousness. It’s focusing energy into other things as opposed to your real goals. Without proper attention, your goals eventually become nonexistent.

Commitment is such a necessary component for achieving your overall goals with comedy. There are so many different paths to take in this business, but I can guarantee each one takes complete commitment to truly flourish.

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